Questions and Answers

Aresel was formed as a civic platform during the 2018 protests, the biggest protest against racism organized in Romania. The team is currently comprised of 10 people. We are independent and unrelated to any political party. The Aresel platform is not an NGO and we do not implement projects. You can read more about the Aresel platform here.

Aresel means reaching the Romanian language and it is our assumed mission. The Aresel platform has proposed to mobilise and remobilise Roma communities in order to combat social, political and economic racism and inequalities between Roma and the rest of the population. We promote a fair, right and empowering Roma communities. We call on the decency authorities in relations with Roma and public policies to improve the situation of Roma communities.

We work from the grass thread in Roma communities across the country. The members of the Aresel platform sign Petitions, organise local actions and address authorities when needed. We put pressure on the authorities and increase awareness with which our communities are facing through social media. If you want to learn more about the Aresel team, read Here

The Aresel platform pursues all public policies related to Roma communities. We analyze, verify and communicate, independently and objectively, what each party promises and does for our communities. We are not politically affiliated and we belong. We want the Roma minority in Romania to benefit from real integration policies. We want to increase the political involvement of our communities. Regardless of who you decide to vote for, the important thing is to express this option and to exercise your democratic right to choose.

Our campaigns come from the ideas received from local communities following consultations. Requests that we have included in the campaigns “Aresel! Get! Power of the Roma! “and the” Roma Manifestan for Romania “were suggested by people in the communities. We choose topics that are of public interest and which we can act on punctually.

Sure. Our campaigns come from the ideas received from local communities following consultations. If you have a campaign idea write us at contact@aresel.ro with the campaign subject and describe our situation briefly.

Yes. The Aresel platform coordinates campaigns at both local and national levels. Our priorities come from the communities we consult with. If you want to suggest a campaign subject, write to us on contact@aresel.ro with the campaign subject.

You can become a member of Aresel by signing any petition on our website. You can find active campaigns Here. This means that you will receive messages from us and you will be kept abreast of the latest campaigns we are running.

We are glad that you want to get involved in the actions of Aresel and we need volunteers sprurs in communities. Let’s mobilize together and make our community’s needs heard! Learn more details and how to sign up here.

Although our system allows signing a petition several times, if the same email address is used then the signature will not be counted separately in the system. The system automatically cancels any duplicate of the signature if the data is the same. If you signed up with a different email address, then write to us on contact@aresel.ro with the subject undo signature and we will cancel the signature manually.

You can send us an email on contact@aresel.ro with your new email address, and we’ll change the information.

Don’t forget to check the Spam/Junk folder in your Inbox. Please enter our email address contact@aresel.ro in your addresses in order for emails to enter your Inbox.

Send us a message with the subject unsubscribing to contact@aresel.ro, and we will process your request in no time.

Any questions?

We are delighted to answer any question there is about the platform or our activity